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A Hefei Linxpert Import and Export Co., Ltd company! Bringing a Global Product Distribution to You Directly From the Manufacturers in China and Beyond!

Our Objective is linking YOU with the best products and services available, guaranteed with stellar quality and maximum profit.

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About Us

Who is LinXpert Global?

Linxpert Global Import & Export Co. Ltd is a product and service distributor and China sourcing company. We help you in sourcing that one product that may be the missing piece of the puzzle in your business.

We’re a product and services direct sourcing company that specializes in linking two company entities together. Bring them targeted products or services that will guarantee the maximum satisfaction of both companies and customers alike.

What is our job as a China sourcing company?

 As a China sourcing Company, we will find you the right supplier and manufacturer for your products and services, will engage in price negotiation without jeopardizing product quality, following every detail as requested by you.

Our team of experts will proceed with following up on product production rate and assess the quality of the job done with our in-house and standardized quality control measures. 

We will follow up with product compliance certificates and final quality, feature, and performance testing, before setting up shipping & logistics to send the goods to your destination.

With us, sourcing products from China is one touch away!

Whether you’re looking for a China product sourcing company, a Taiwan product sourcing company, or American sourcing company, you’ve got us in one package.

Our objective is simple, linking you with your desired product and services at a competitive rate, delivered with stellar quality, and within the contracted deadline.


In a world filled with fierce competition, It is ever more crucial remaining  innovative while maintaining quality products and services.

We help companies like yours remain competitive, deliver an innovative new product, or the desired service so you can watch your business flourish.
At LinXpert Global Solutions, we aim to deliver a customizable and flexible solution tailored specifically to your organization and needs, with guaranteed satisfaction.

Our services

We have many years of experience in a business negotiation with designing and manufacturing companies around the world, even more experience with companies in China, USA, UK, India, Nigeria, Cameroon, Latvia, Spain, and several other countries around the globe. If you need a reputable direct sourcing company in China, Linxpert Global is all you need.